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RIP OFF alert. As an uneducated AC HVAC guy, this company has been able to swindle almost ten thousand dollars for unnecessary equipment. Two years ago they replaced the majority of my AC unit, everything but the furnace. This summer, they told me a needed a new furnace for a whopping another 3.6k. Well I started reading and talking to others with more knowledge than me. Turns out my furnace was fine it was just a blown out blower motor. When I... Read more

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The most unprofessional people I have ever used in my home. The lying starts with the first service call. When you call them out about it the representative gets pissed! Never on time for anything. Even the supervisor lies. I'm giving up on them and going with John Moore. I should have gone with my first thought. Purchases a $10,000 air condoning system and have had nothing but problems and empty promises since day one. Totally dishonest... Read more

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I was threatened to not discuss anything regarding my opinion of their work. After 7 years of misery dealing with them, 15,000 spent and over 50 service calls the humidity in my house remained above 60% constantly even with the units running at 69 degrees additional dehumidifier while house dehumidifiers they said I needed. my home began growing mold, doors wouldn't open, I couldn't see out my windows from the moisture. Finally I had enough,... Read more

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The Norcross HVAC has the worst leadership team I have ever seen at any company. This is why the technicians suffer the way that they do. When the technicians suffer it all results in customer dissatisfaction, but rest assure that is not a concern for ARS. The GM Jason at that location is a selfish leader where is only concerned with himself and his numbers today and not the company doing well from the ground up and beginning to make strides of... Read more

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I scheduled a maintenance appointment 2 weeks in advance. A few days before the appointment ARS called to inform me that they were extremely busy and could I delay my service by one week. I was given a 4-hour window for the new appointment. Late in the window ARS called to inform me that the technician was delayed on a previous job. At the end of the 4-hour window, ARS did not show up. I then called them to permanently cancel them. They... Read more

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My wife had been relocated to the Jacksonville fl. area and i had applied for a installer position. So i go through the interview process and i am hired. So i go take the required drug test and cannot start until they get the results. Two weeks go by and no results. I am told just to come in they can work around it. Long story short, they tell you tou are not on call but send you home with no work just to call you back three hours later. Hence... Read more

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I needed a new hotwater heater. The one I had was in a crawl space. ARS said that code would not allow them to replace it and the only solution was a tankless system costing $5200. I got two more quotes, both of which informed me that the code only applied to new construction. Bottom line - I have a new hot water heater for $1200. OH, and I checked the cost of a tankless system from both reputable companies - $3500. Read more

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After spendind $7000 on a new ac a few years ago, i called this week to get service. I asked if i was covered under warrwnty. They said i was 100% civered for parts and labor. Then when they got here, 5 minutes later the mechanic said i have a freon leak and would cost $257 to find the leak. More to fix it and then more to add freon. I told him they said i was covered for parts and labor. He said that the labir warrenty expired. He was rude.... Read more

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I was approached at Home Depot via ARS for them to look at my AC unit (free evuation) and the possibility of purchasing a unit.... It wasn't my plan to purchase a unit even though my unit was over 15 years old. A guy we will call John came to my house talking to me about my unit telling my my light bill should be no more than $72 a month and that my unit has me paying an estimated amount of over 43% on my energy bill. I let him know that I had... Read more

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My fifteen year old HVAC system stopped blowing and the technician said it needed $1800 worth of repairs. He recommended replacing the whole system for $11K - $15K since the unit had "already exceeded its service life". Even though I was a loyal ARS customer for many years, I became suspicious because this was almost exactly what the technician told me two years ago when my other unit went out. At that time I replaced the system. ***, I was... Read more

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