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American Residential Services is Home Depot's HVAC contractor in Southern California. I needed TWO systems replaced at my property and went on HD's official site to sign up for an in home estimate.

The ARS (female) rep calls and, long story short says they can't come because my husband had to be present since financial decisions have to be made. She states that it is the company's policy. As a former C-Suite finance professional responsible for billions (with a "b") dollars and having handled our family's finances for over 20 years, I was highly insulted. Very surprisingly, she couldn't not understand why the policy was insulting.

It took me asking for whoever made the policy to give me a call. The General Manager called and claimed that his employee misunderstood the policy, but that he would arrange for the sales manager to come today (Saturday) at 10:00am to personally provide the estimate. I rearranged my schedule and go to the property. I received a call at 9:10 confirming an arrival time between 10 and 11 and that it would take him an hour to get here.

Well at 11:01, I called and was told that he "had an emergency" and when would I like to reschedule. FAT CHANCE!

If this is how much work it takes just to get an estimate, I can't trust them to treat me professionally or perform the work in a timely manner if they even showed up.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Residential Services Repair.

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Thank you for sharing your experience. ARS/Rescue Rooter strives to provide each customer with an exceptional service experience.

We understand your situation and would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you about your experience. Please call Corporate Customer Relations at 866-803-0879.