Sugar Land, Texas

I called around to numerous companies to do maintenance service on my air conditioning units. I found ARS to "seem" dependable and made an appointment for the next day. The only time they gave me would be after 1:00. I made it a point to be home on this day for the appointment only to get a phone call at 2:00 from a gentleman letting me know they were running behind because of all the service calls they had, and they would like to reschedule. After some conversation, he said he could make it, just not until around 4 or 5. I agreed, but made sure he understood I had to leave at 630. I began to wonder if everyone just wanted to go home early since it was a Friday afternoon. Not to my surprise, at 3:30 I received another phone call from a woman in dispatch, explaining they would not be able to make it, and wanted to reschedule. I asked why they even made an appointment if they weren't going to show up and she just continued about rescheduling, now blaming the rain that had started, and had already ended. Apparently they cannot do maintenance on your air conditioning if it rains. I canceled the appointment and scheduled with Del-Air.

Thankfully, my A/C isn't broken, because in Florida it rains nearly every afternoon in the summer, and according to this company, work cannot be done.

Besides, who needs air conditioning during the summer in Florida anyway???

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Next day scheduling to do maintenance? Sounds like they were trying hard to fit that in the middle of what ended up being a busy day for emergency repairs.

Someone screwed up booking that for you.

They should have made it right somehow. Everyone's time is valuable.


I work in Hvac industry and I can tell yes we can work in rain but is it smart. I thing no Hvac uses 240 volts u do the math also some units have circut bards just like computers and what would happen if they get wet.

Just saying think before u complain. And I work in Mississippi and it rains a lot to


You're lucky ARS didn't make your appointment! They probably would have over charged you or sold you on something you didn't need! See my complaint about what they did to me!