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I had some plumbing work done and was not satisfied that it was done correctly for everytime I went into the bathroom there was a little pool of water underneath the supply stop where it goes into the toilet. I called into the Raleigh North Carolina office where I originally booked the appointment and they ultimately put me through to one of the managers named Larry Murais.

He was completely rude to me and checked to see if I would go in with a wrench make a simple adjustment myself! I figure since I just spent nearly $300.00 to have the toilet fixed that it would be within reason to have one of their plumbers come back out to get it right. After having been placed on hold after what appears to me by someone(their manager) who had no time for my problem... I got tired of being put on hold and having been berated by someone...I decided to call another plumbing company.

It was a simple adjustment of something called "a packing nut" but after being talked to like I was a school child... I will never call ARS for anything EVER again.

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I had the same experience with ARS in Raleigh. One plumber tried using scare tactics to make me purchase a hotwater heater that wasn't needed and when I called to complain about the technician, he refunded my money but after a few calls back about the water pressure in the kitchen, I've been "black balled"