Denver, Colorado
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American Reidential Services in Denver area did a furnace service at my house Monday. They said the furnacce was overheating/cycling off because of a big crack in the heat exchanger and carbon monixide was at dangerous levels.

My furnace was condemned. They gave me a bid of $3862 to replace it. Since I've been unemployed the last 3 years, I decided before signing the contract to look for financing. I found out about the county weatherization program that might pay for a new furnace.

The contractor they sent to test my furnace told me the furnace was cyling off because theair filter was chokin the air supply - not because of a crack. He said the carbon monoxide levels ARS got me scared about was less than what a cigarette generates - there ws no carbon monoxide danger in my house! The $3800 bid for a new furnace wasalso $1000 too high! So, ALWAYS GET A 2ND OPINION BEFORE SIGNING A CONTRACT.

If you're low income, you might qalify for a federal weatherization program to get free insulation or furnace repair.

DON"T USE ARS even though thy're the vendor of choice via Home Depot. They're crooks!!!

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Ars of Wilmington nc tried to charge me 1300.00 dollars for a supposed crack drain pan on a unit they installed only 1 1/2 Years ago that they had over tighten the drain pan male adapter to rip offs


Terrible company - they price gouge the customers, and are poorly managed. Very top heavy with lots of useless managers and high turnover rate of employees. Some good techs but they are pushed to make sales and do turn overs to salesmen to increase profit.


ARS Charged me way too much for a Start up

Capacitor and Relay. The parts can be baught

any where for about $50.00 They charged me

over $400.00 They also said my unit was over

charged and wanted another $900.00 to fix this. They lied abot this i checked it out

with another AC Company. They further tried

to sell me a contract for a service plan

for another $900.00 They mus be on for selling as much as they can extra.


They used the same (crack in the heat exchanger) tactic on me. This was a California office. Guess they're bad all across the US...


ARS told me my furnace was "unsafe to use" and that my air conditioner had many problems - they gave me an estimate of over $12,000 to replace both! Other technicians, including S.D.G & E.

said there was nothing wrong with the furnace.

The air conditioner may not be 100% efficient but works well. I have since learned that other people in my retirement community have been treated in a similar manner - even been reported to the Licencing Board of California but they are still in business


What a shady company. I should have known better than to go to a job fair with this company.

They ran an ad in careerbuilder in Atlanta, GA for many positions and stated that they needed sales reps desperately. I go to the job fair and they tell me to come to there office in Norcross GA the next day. I am about to leave my house the next day and I get a call stating that they have hired someone. I tell the guy that called me that they told me that they were opening other offices and needed quite a few reps and he tells me he is just the messenger.

I get the call at 8:30 AM for a 10 AM appointment.

The job fair ended at around 3:30 pm the following day. I hope to never cross paths with this company again.


I had a 3rd furnace inspection domne in February and for the 2nd time was told that I did NOT need a new furnace. Instead of the 20 items the ARS tech said failed the inspection, all I needed was a new limit switch.

So I feel secure in concluding that ARS was indeed trying to rip me off!!!! They were going to overcharge $1000 for a furnace I didn't even need!


I had a 3rd inspection done and was told for the second time that I did not need a new furnace - just a new limit switch. I'm convinced that ARS was trying to rip me off!


I USED to work there too. They would put a lot of pressure on technicians to sell new equipment even if the customer couldn't afford it or wanted the repair.

I would not recommend this company to anyone. I'm glad I don't work there anymore.


Home Depot spoke with ARS home office and got me a refund of the service charges. Home Depot also gave me a gift card.

They will investigate ARS and in COlorado, will not use them as a vendor. Yay Home Depot!

They rsponded quickly and in a nice manner. Still beware of ARS!!


Ripoff Report addendum

In my original complaint, I misquoted the technician from Bob's Heating. He said he's seen lots of scare tactics used in the industry and over-charging. He didn't use the "F" word in reference to ARS.

It was my anger and frustration (and ice cold hands) that prompted me to conclude that the technician representing ARS was using fraudulent tactics. Draw your own conclusions - and see what others have said about this company.

A former employee of ARS pointed out that the company rewards employees for bringing in more business/making more sales. I propose that technicians be paid strictly by the hour and maybe get yearly bonuses based on the number of happy customers, not the number of dollars in sales. Don't be encouraging people to sell appliances that aren't really needed -especially in this horrible ecomomy where many people are on the edge financially and emotionally.

We should all be supportive of each other in hard times - not looking to figure out how to take advantage of each other! Do you really want to take the chance of forcing someone into bankruptcy or suicide? Think about it!!! HOW DO THESE PEOPLE SLEEP AT NIGHT???


I use to work for ARS. They pay their employees a percentage of what they sell.

Basically the more you make the homeowner purchase the bigger the technicians check will be.

A lot of people can not believe this when i tell them about it. But it is true 100%