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Our heat pump/forced air system has not been working properly for months. I used ARS as the recommended provider through American Home Shield (AHS) home warranty.

ARS first came out in May and assured us the problem had been resolved. Less than 60 days later, and in the middle of 100 degree heat, the system failed again. ARS, as the previous provider, was asked by AHS to come out again. The tech came on a Friday, ensured us it was fixed, and left.

By Saturday morning, we were again experiencing 90 temps in the house. We couldn't get anyone to come out until Monday morning. The same tech came, supposedly fixed it, and left. Three hours later - no A/C.

The same tech then came on Tuesday. This time, he had to order a part. On Friday, someone called us to state that the part was in, so I called them to get someone over before the weekend. While on the line, I was switched to three different people with three different stories.

The first lady was ready to set me up with an appt on the same day. The second person stated that they could only schedule the appt for Saturday afternoon. The third person then got on the phone, told me the part really wasn't in after-all and scheduled me for an appt on Monday morning.

It will be 100+ degrees this weekend. I am unfortunately forced to use ARS for this issue, but will never allow them into my home again.

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ARS Service, RescueRooter, True Green, American Home Shield and others are owned by Service Master!


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American Homeshield OWNS ARS/Rescue Rooter

Ripped Off By Valvoline

If I'm not mistaken Rescue Rooter is a plumbing company they unclog drains, why in the *** are they working on your air conditioner?