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I was in Home Depot and thought that I could trust their service provider, ARS Rescue... what a mistake. My problem was a screeching noise when the furnace fan started and it seemed simple but I didn't want to mess with it. We set up an appointment for between 12 and 5 and I intended to be home to consult with the repairman. But they called at about 10 AM and said if it was OK, they would be right over. So I missed my opportunity to talk in person to the repairman.

When he showed up, he immediately tried to set the stage for algae and dust in the air rather than scope out the problem first. My wife was suspicious of his motive right off the bat. Then he opened the covers and said that there was "water damage" to the circuit board, fan motor and other coponents. *** The furnace was six years old and there has been running perfectly (except for the short screech). He said the furnace could fail at any time and if we tried to sell the house, the inspector would point out the "damage".

He estimated about $2,000 in necessary repairs. Little did he know that we just bought the house and an inspector had given the furnace a clean bill of health.

We don't even intend to get a second opinion. The visible evidence of evaporated water droplets on the motor housing doesn't scare me.

I would never, ever, deal with this firm.

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Thank you I had a deal with them and felt I was scammed for $2500. For four hours of labor, it seems that it's common practice to price gouge.


Awacspilot, I am responsible for customer service nationally at ARS Rescue Rooter, and would like to help address your complaint. If you could email me at with the best way to contact you, we will follow up promptly.