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I was approached at Home Depot via ARS for them to look at my AC unit (free evuation) and the possibility of purchasing a unit.... It wasn't my plan to purchase a unit even though my unit was over 15 years old.

A guy we will call John came to my house talking to me about my unit telling my my light bill should be no more than $72 a month and that my unit has me paying an estimated amount of over 43% on my energy bill. I let him know that I had a warranty company that I dealt with & they would reimburse some money based on the age of my unit & if they can send them a diagnostic report on my unit... Well this is what he sent" Based on the age & efficiency of My unit I am overpaying an estimated amount of 43%on her bill , she chose to purchase a new unit based on this fact". Now he says he knows how the warrant company's work but that's what he sent to them ....

Of course that wasn't good enough so I have been calling (John) for @3-4 weeks and he hasn't returned my call texted me or even communicated with me in any way! So I'm very upset about how this is going I now know he told me what I wanted to hear , assured me it would be no problem for me getting my reimbursement from the warranty company.......well I'm still waiting!!! 2 1/2 months later. I then find out after the fact that John is not a technical person to really write the diagnostic report that I was needing for the warranty company.

I feel deceived & lied to and by him not trying to contact me & give me what I need is really giving me the feeling that they are not a good company to deal with! Somebody needs to give me what I need to get what is owed to me or I will make a complaint every week...

I'm not happy how they treated me as a customer ... Believe this .....I will let anybody willing to listen know how I feel about the treatment I'm receiving or lack there of!


My name is Tracie

Reason of review: Not happ.

American Residential Services Cons: Horrible customer service.

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