Germantown, Maryland

This people came out to our home on 6/9/15 to replace 2 air condition units and 2 furnaces for 16,000. The tampered with our hot water heater and broke it.

They turned of the gas and could not light it back. We noticed that night our water was not getting as hot as it should and called the next morning for them to come out. We contact the sales Bill Munson who handled our AC unit sale and he reported the concern to the office and no one returned our calls. Bill stated he could not find anyone to talk to( This was on 6/9.

After making numerous calls to their dispatch 6/10 someone said they would send some one out on Wednesday and no one ever showed up. Finally, on 6/11 we got a person out here and told us we would need a replacement for $2,875.00. We talk to the corporate office Sametria Alexander in TN, who spoke with Angela Carpenter in Laurel MD. the office we did business with -she never contacted us.

Ms. Alexander promised we would have hot water by 6/12 night. That didn't happen. William Alice the Manager( DONT TRUST HIM)the Sales Manager for that area of hot water repair had his plumbing contact us to negotiate a repair rate of $2,445.00 to $1,700.

and I ask the plumber to have William contact me. He wanted to do busy through the plumbing not direct. ( Who does this)

To repair the unit was going to be $1, 636.00 per the plumbs estimate but to replace it was going to the $2,445.00 which would be a discount since we had spent $16,000. Finally negotiate to $1,600.

They wanted us to pay to get hot water in our home. These people came out and broke our working water heater and left us without hot water for 3 1/2 days after spending $16,000 and came after us for another 1,600.

RUN RUN RUN- Don't Use Them.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Residential Services Repair.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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